Detroit Floods – Residents want the State Governor to declare a State of Emergency VIDEO

August 12, 2014
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Detroit Floods – State of Emergency Requested by Detroit Citizens

Detroit Floods

Detroit Floods – The recent rain in Detroit has caused massive devastation to property throughout the city. For a town that is already bankrupt, these floods will have  unprecedented effects on the city’s finances.

The Nation Weather Service reported a total of 6 inches of rain hit the communities of Dearborn and Southfield. Interstates have been flooded and residents have been experiencing power outages.

A state of emergency for the Detroit floods has been issued for Wayne county,  Warren county, and Ferndale County; they are hoping Governor Rick Snyder will do it as well.

The Governor’s office reportedly refuses to take action on the State of Emergency request until they better understand how much destruction has occurred.

Declaring a State of Emergency could bring federal assistance to the disaster. Help with repairing infrastructure, hazard mitigation, and much more would be available for the areas most affected by the flood.

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