36 Salt Guy / #SaltBae Memes – Turkish Salt Bae Sprinkling Salt on Steak

35 Salt Guy / #SaltBae Memes – Turkish Salt Bae Sprinkling Salt on Steak – #SprinkleChef #Nusret

By now most of us have seen the Salt Guy video, where a Turkish cook stylishly sprinkles some salt on the meat he’s cooking. If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the Sprinkle Chef on his Twitter:

Here are 36 memes people made from the Salt Guy / #SaltBae
after i dress up class i drizzle a little hoe into my outfit like

when you add a few extra useless words to an essay so that you meet the final word count

when you're already sad so you put on sad music to help make u even more sadder

when a one night stand is still there in the morning and asks you to make her breakfast

when ur in an argument with ur man and he's winning so u throw in some tears

when you show her your famous one finger bra unfastening technique

when you leave work at 5 02 instead of 5 00 to move closer to that promotion

me okay lets not make the same mistakes as last year turning every stupid little thing into a meme also me

when someone is making plans you have no intention of going to, so you add what time for decoration

when you occasionally contribute in the group chat with a single word to stay social

my kid 2 seconds after i finish sweeping the floors

when you can't think of anymore examples and write etc at the end

when you're cooking and your crush passes by

when you add proficient in microsoft office to your resume

when you use thus in an essay

when the first word of your explanation is essentially

when he starts making sense and you have no comebacks left

when all your friends are getting married and you're just like

when the total's 13.51 and you hand the cashier a twenty and then a penny

me putting lol at the end of a one word text so i don't sound rude or bored

when she acting up but you got just the right recipe to fix all dat

when you say bitch at the end of an insult for maximum effect

when your parents ask where all the salt went

when you sprinkle a wrong answer on a test so the teacher know you ain't cheat

you vs the man she tells you not to worry about

when you hear your ex isn't doing so well

when ppl tell me pineapple doesn't belong on pizza

who did this salt guy snow golden gate bridge

can someone explain to me why the smooth ass salt guy looks like juandissimo from the fairly odd parents

salt guy road salting

me no more ls please i have enough to last me a while life l

when your sibling is already getting shouted at and you remind your mum of the other bad things they have done

when you use furthermore in your essay

when you take 12 shots but then drink a glass of water because you're responsible af

when she know she fine af so you sprinkle some hate in her comments to humble her

when you insult someone and then yell out bitch at the end for no reason

Some bonus Smooth Salt Guy: