Amanda Bynes Checked Into LA Treatement Center

Amanda Bynes Checked Into LA Treatement Center

Amanda Bynes has been checked into a Los Angeles Treatment center just hours after she had a fight with her parents Rick and Lynn. The star has been put on a 5150 (involuntary) psychiatric hold, requiring her to be held for 72 hours.

Bynes was allegedly tricked into the trip to the hospital; her parents led her to believe that she was headed to the London Hotel but instead ended up in the Pasadena psychiatric hospital.

Earlier today Bynes posted a series of Twitter posts saying some pretty outlandish things about what’s been going on.


Bynes was admitted to the psychiatric hospital just after her flight from New York to Los Angeles. On Friday the former Nickelodeon star made allegations of sexual, physical, and verbal abuse via Twitter against her father. She later retracted the statements, blaming it on a microchip installed in her brain.

Bynes’ mother Lynn Bynes denied the claims, citing Amanda’s “mental state” for the cause of the incident.

The video below shows Amanda at Los Angeles International (LAX) Airport dodging the paparazi.