Another Black Man Killed by Police in St Louis Missouri

Mike Brown Protests – Another Black Man Killed by Police in St. Louis, Missouri

Another Black Man Killed by Police in St Louis Missouri – After several days of civil unrest protests, and riots due to the Michael Brown shooting, yet another shooting of a black man by St. Louis police has stirred up trouble again only 10 days later.

Around 12:20 p.m. officers received a disturbance call from the Six Stars Market in St. Louis where a man was behaving erratically and waving around a knife upon officer’s arrival.

Several commands were given to the individual by police to drop the knife, but the suspect refused to comply. When he approached officers he was shot and killed at point blank range. Reports say that the man was emotionally disturbed and screaming “Shoot me!”

In an effort to inform the surrounding crowd, Police Chief Sam Dotson stood in the center and explained the situation to protesters. His goal was to give people the information in a way that didn’t cause more violence, but not all of them cared to hear.

“I think it’s important that people understand what happened,” he said. I want this message to be out as truthfully and quickly as possible,”

Multiple witnesses have confirmed the officer’s story.

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