Taiwan Plane Crash: Passenger Jet Hits Bridge

Taiwan Plane Crash: Passenger Jet Hits Bridge

At least 26 are dead in a Taiwan plane crash.
YouTube caption: Dramatic footage shows the moment a passenger jet hits a bridge before crashing into a river in Taiwan.


< Exclusive > revival airliner Zhuihe / witnessed civil aircraft Zhuihe screen viaduct

YouTube caption translated: Latest news , Taipei startling news of the plane crash accident , TransAsia Airways airliners B-22186, Taipei fly Kinmen flights suspected hit the viaduct , the aircraft is now on the water, no fire, the new North and Taipei sent rescue. Aircraft was landing in Keelung, according to present knowledge, 10 people trapped on board a total of 53 passengers, including 51 adults and two children, and five crew members. There are 31 people off the land, should be a member of the tour. Before the police and fire departments have to rescue, rescued 27 people currently , 9 no signs of life. Crash injured were admitted to four hospitals in the lake three total, total, etc. Matsuyama empty.

Aircraft Zhuihe location beside Lake bridge about 600 meters, we understand that the process was hit by machine skeletal taxi, taxi driver and a female passenger were rushed currently Zhongxiao Hospital, fortunately, the driver only hand injuries. 3 A current state under Central East temporarily closed, Taipei response team has been set up, set up forward command post. The Taipei mayor also rushed Wen-Je Ko betake Response Center, is currently a large search and rescue personnel are good along the riverfront search, firefighters found a victim .