Taylor Swift Country to Pop Music – “Shake it Off” 1989

Taylor Swift moves from Country to Pop music with her New Single “Shake it Off” on 1989

Taylor Swift Shake it Off Music Video – VEVO

Taylor Swift Country to Pop Music – “Shake it Off” 1989 – Taylor Swift is finally moving to pop music after making country songs for most of her career. Her new album 1989, was inspired by late 80’s pop music (and probably her birthday  which is in 1989).

The album is being produced by Max Martin and Shellback; it’s expected to be released October 27th.

Taylor Swift‘s last album Red (2012) received a lot of criticism for sounding too much like pop music. After songs like “22” and “We are Never Ever Getting Back Together” you can’t really blame the critics. If I liked country and hated pop I’d probably be pissed as well.

Swift reports that this new album will stray away from the usual songs about heartbreaks and relationships. “I woke up every single day not wanting, but needing to make a new style of music than I’d ever made before,” Taylor noted on her Yahoo! live stream.

“Shake it Off” sounds much more upbeat, but just like the bubbly Taylor Swift we’re all used to, so I can’t imagine her popularity will take a hit. In all honesty most of her recent music sounds like pop to me. “I Knew You Were Trouble” sounded like Pop and Dubstep.

In “Shake it Off” Taylor Swift sings “I make the moves up as I go,” yet her perfect presentation and appearance don’t seem to be improvised. Probably because they weren’t. The entire show was paid by Yahoo!, and improvisation was definitely never part of the plan.

Nevertheless, Swift is smoothly transitioning into the pop scene without having to take her clothes off (like Miley) and that is respectable. Good for her!