What Is Ello? About Ello Social Network, Invite Codes

What Is Ello? About Ello Social Network, Invite Codes

What Is Ello? About Ello Invite Codes and More

After tons of news coverage over the last few years about social media companies selling your information to advertisers, a new social platform has emerged as a white knight in the dark world of social networking.

Ello.co is a minimalisticly designed social network with no paid ads, ever. The website also refuses to sell user data to third parties.

Ello Manifesto

You may be wondering, as was I, how the company will make money with no ads. Ello plans on offering their users custom features for $1-2 to generate income.

To sign up with Ello, you have to be invited by a friend. The process creates a sense of exclusivity that makes the social network more attractive and cool (maybe not to everyone). Once you’re signed up, you get 5 invitation codes to give out.

People have been franticly searching Reddit for invitiation codes, as well as buying them on Ebay, Gumtree, and Fiverr for outrageous prices ($50). A post on Reddit warns:

“I have made this thread to attempt to counter the horde of people SELLING invitation codes to Ello on sites like Ebay, Gumtree and Fiverr (and also certain websites set up JUST to sell the codes). These people don’t deserve your money, and these invites were not meant to be sold!”

The site is not particularly easy to operate as shown by one user’s tweet below:

Ello cofounder Todd Berger said:

“If it’s too jarring, that’s great. Maybe they’ll catch up. We did not design this thing to be a mass audience product.”

GreenMellenMedia.com posted an Ello cheatsheet to help users understand some of it’s basic functions. Ello CheatsheetMany of the mainstream news sites have labeled Ello the anti-Facebook, wondering if it can compete with the current social network giants on the market.

Ello seems to not care about competeing with other social networks. Instead their model is to attract people to their unique, more modest way of doing things.

The younger generations are always trying to find a social network their parents haven’t ruined, and this may be a candidate (like Instagram was once Facebook was ruined).

If you’re an avid user of social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.) you don’t really have much to lose from signing up. You’ve pretty much already lost it all on the other sites.

Click Here to learn more about Ello.