Wiz Khalifa Arrest Warrant – Wanted in El Paso, Texas for Failure to Appear

Wiz Khalifa Misses Court Date in El Paso, Texas – Arrest Warrent Issued for Failure to Appear

Wiz Khalifa Arrest Warrant Failure to Appear

Wiz Khalifa Arrest Warrant: El Paso, Texas – Wiz Khalifa may have been a little too busy (or baked) to remember his court date in El Paso this Wednesday. According to online records, 26 year old Cameron Thomaz failed to appear for an arraignment scheduled August 6th, 2014. Consequently, his arrest warrant was issued by Judge Ricardo Herrera.

The original incident occurred on the 25th of May at the El Paso International Airport when Wiz Khalifa was caught with a vile containing under two ounces of marijuana by airport security officers.  Khalifa was on his way home from a local music festival at the time. He ended up being charged with possession of marijuana, a misdemeanor in El Paso, Texas, after posting $300 bail.