Jay Adams Dies of a Heart Attack at 53 – Videos and Pictures

August 15, 2014
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Jay Adams the Skateboarder dead of a Heart attack at 53

Jay Adams Skating – Empty Pools

Jay Adams Dies of a Heart Attack at 53 – Legendary Z-Boys skateboarder Jay Adams, has died of a heart attack at 53 years old. Adams was vacationing and surfing in Mexico with his wife for the last three months; he passed yesterday.

So far drugs don’t seem to be the cause of death. Adams was reportedly sober for months and had no known heart problems.

Friends say Jay Adams went out how he would have wanted. The skateboarding star had spent the last 3 months with his wife doing what he loves.

Stacy Peralta and Tony Hawk and posted on Instagram about Jay Adams Death:

Some of Jay Adams’ (@jboyadams) Posts on Instagram