GM to Build 2017 Cadillac That Almost Drives Itself

GM to Build 2017 Cadillac That Almost Drives Itself – General Motors Autonomous Car Coming in 2016

GM to Build 2017 Cadillac That Almost Drives Itself – In the last few years there have been some pretty incredible technological advancements in the automotive industry. Many automakers have rolled out systems that employ a combination of radars, lasers, GPS, and other modern technology to assist us beyond our abilities in everyday driving.

From cars that brake or parallel park for you to remote start ignitions and smartphone controlled safety features, we’ve seen pretty much everything.

Years ago Google and many other companies put together vehicles that could successfully navigate themselves throughout states with nobody behind the wheel. It was great to know we had the capability, but to have that technology released to the public is an introduction to a whole new standard of living for the world.

General Motors announced big news at the Sunday opening of the Intelligent Transportation Society World Congress in Detroit. The American automaker plans on building a 2017 Cadillac that can nearly drive itself.

The partially autonomous car (primarily designed for assistance on freeways) will go on sale in summer 2016, along with the 2017 Cadillac CTS which will have the ability to communicate with other cars (via vehicle-to-vehicle transmitters/receivers) to share location data, speed, when adjacent cars hits the brakes, and more.

Cadillac has named their system “Super Cruise,” which gives you an idea of what it is; an improvement of cruise control.

Though this isn’t a car that drives itself 100% yet, it’s a pretty significant step towards one that can.

Competition is hot on GM’s heels, with systems that have planned releases in the next couple years. Mercedes Benz has a similar system that works at slower speeds, but GM’s is the first one that can operate at freeway speeds.

GM‘s car is able to maintain lanes, keep a safe following distance, and bring the car to a dead stop if traffic is ahead. It even keeps the car moving in traffic! Imagine all the things you can do on the way to work now (given you can afford the well-equipped Cadillac).

GM looks back to the future for new Cadillacs that almost drive themselves

This was posted last year, maybe GM took some tips from this guy.

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