Huge explosion in Tianjin, China – 3 Videos

Huge explosion in Tianjin, China

According to Chinese media, an industrial shipment full of explosives set off this massive explosion at 23:30 (16:30 GMT) in the city of Tianjin, China.

Several eyewitness videos have been posted on various social networks and video streaming sites, showing the incredible power of the blast, which caused multiple casualties and sent a shockwave that could be felt miles away.

The two explosions, one 30 seconds before the other, are estimated to have been equal to a 3 ton TNT explosion, and a 21 ton TNT explosion. They were measured by an agency that monitors seismic activity.



【BREAKING Tianjin “atomic-like” blast 6】 200K TNT @Tianjin Tanggu, China 天津大爆炸

We’ve left out some of the more disturbing videos; they can be found here:

Some more photos of the blast:

Tianjin Port Explosion – Extremely close dashcam video

Massive Explosion in Tianjin, China (New angle)