Submarine Shark Fake Documentary Infuriates Fans VIDEO

Submarine Shark –  Fake Documentary Submarine Legend Enrages Fans

Submarine Shark

Submarine Shark – Discovery Channel released “Shark of Darkness: Wrath of Submarine” this Sunday, a two hour fake-u-mentary starting off the  Shark Week opening night.

The show was essentially two hours of BS about a South African 35 foot great white shark. Many Shark Week fans are angry because the show has gained most of it’s attention from documentaries of authentic shark behavior; this show was anything but.

Submarine The Killer Shark

Zoologist Michelle Wcisel was one of the first to call BS on the  Submarine Shark. According to her Shark Alley and the shipwreck location don’t exist, and the scientists are fake. Apparently the only fact Discovery did get right was the Submarine Shark‘s scar.
Other inaccuracies of the fake-u-mentary include:
  • Blurry Footage was CGI (Computer Generated Imagery)
  • The shark attack on the whale watching vessel never happened
  • Eyewitnesses and Shark Experts were actors
  • Actor Conrad Manus = Con Man
In Discovery’s defense, this show was clearly labeled as a dramatization, unlike Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives last year. Many fans were still furious about the deceptive programming and expressed their feelings on Twitter:

The Shark Week Facebook Page is filled with complaints of fake shows ruining Shark Week. One user wrote:

“with fake programming you are RUINING the point of shark week! it’s to educate people on sharks and make them realize that sharks are not mindless killers. discovery channel, this is why we can’t have nice things”

Hopefully Discovery can take this feedback and release a better line up for next year’s Shark Week. I wouldn’t count on it though.