Tsu social network pays you to like, comment, and share!

Tsu social network pays you to like, comment, and share! What is Tsu?

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Tsu Social & Payment Network is a new breed of social network that literally pays you to use it like you would Facebook. The more posts you create and the more people you invite to your network determines how many organic post views your profile generates, which determines your pay.

The company takes 10% of revenue and distributes the remaining 90% among it’s users. 45% to the user who posted the content, and 45% distributed among the network above that user (their enroller, their enroller’s enroller, etc.).

Many people have speculated that Facebook and Twitter, along with other major social networks, may be forced to develop a similar model or be left behind.

R.I.P. Facebook I guess this is goodbye TSU Meme

The company was founded by Sebastian Sobczak and launched on Tuesday, October 21st, with a startup investment of $7 million from Sancus Capital Prive.

Right now earnings are small, but the potential for growth is exponential given the success of companies like Facebook and Twitter who never even paid their users.

yes I made a penny on tsu but you make less than a penny on Facebook

The system does allow celebrities an advantage in terms of money making, but non-celebrity users can still use their own promotional tactics (social media, email, texting, etc.) to build their networks and start profiting.

Tons of people remain skeptical about the whole thing, but what’s most important when trends like this occur is to get started before everybody else. The more people you can refer, the better. If you’re already signed up with Facebook, what do you have to lose from checking out Tsu?

when your friend tells you to stay on facebook because tsu isn't going to work

If you haven’t gotten one yet, click here to get started. It’s free to use both online and on your iPhone or Android device.

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when you get your first cent on tsu

Friend finally joined tsu used someone else's link

When you realize Facebook has been playing you for years

I've never made money on social media Follow me on tsu

That empty feeling you now get when you see a facebook notification

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I'm telling everyone about this website

so you mean to tell me some people want to be paid just for being social?

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the name of the game is to take the money from zuckerbergs pockets and into our pockets

When you make your first penny on tsu

what if facebook has been screwing us for years by using our personal content to become filthy ritch and havent given us a penny